Be Our Brand Ambassador.

We hand-select and message all our Brand Ambassadors on our social handles. We have high standards for our ambassadors. So, if you have not been messaged, it is because you are either not a good match for us or you have not been discovered. If you think you are a good fit, either message us on our social handles (@revivenutritionsg) or fill the Brand Ambassador Application Form here.

Ambassadorship Programme.


  1. Love our products, our mission, and what we are doing for our community.
  2. As an ambassador, you must be willing to spread the word for our brand and above all, our mission as a brand.

There are aspects that doesn't matter when we pick our ambassadors. A few of those are:

  1. Number of followers on social media - A small or large number of followers does not decide whether you would be selected or not.
  2. Gender - All genders are equally accepted. We do not agree with sexism, nor we promote it. Whichever your gender is, you are more than welcome to represent our brand.
  3. Age - Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or an elder, if you think you will be a great fit, then you are most welcome.

Exclusive Perks.

Our Ambassadorship Programme rewards our representatives based on the quality of work they put in.

  1. Flat 25% OFF personal discount code to buy anything.
  2. 10% OFF Ambassador code/link (under the name you pick) for your friends and followers.
  3. Every time the Ambassador code/link is used, we will give you 15% commission on each sale.
  4. Once sales through the Ambassador code/link reach $50, you can decide to cash out the amount and we will make a bank transfer to your bank account.

Other benefits:

  1. They get authority to write "Ambassador of Revive" on their social handles.
  2. Most importantly, their contributions will be helping the underprivilege.

*More perks and benefits will be added in the future.

How To Become Our Brand Ambassador?

If you really want to work with us as an ambassador, you must be an existing customer. In which you have already contributed to what we are doing for our community as part of the proceeds for every purchase through our online store will be donated to a Charity Organization in Singapore.

You can ask us to activate your personal discount code at @revivenutritionsg. Please give us the order number of your last purchase for verification and fill the application form here.

What's next, after applying for the Ambassadorship Program?

Once we go through your application, our team will contact you on Instagram and we will give you the Ambassador code/link as well as your personal discount code (if you have not received). Also, you will be getting all the benefits mentioned above.

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