We Are Ordinary People Simply Looking For A Healthier Way To Snack.

When we still had our full-time jobs, there were two choices: snacks that were healthy, expensive and unappetizing - or unhealthy, cheap and tasty. We saw an opportunity to create a business where taste was never sacrificed for health. In September 2020 amidst the pandemic we launched our website and sold our first products to customers with a vision to reimagine healthy snacking.

Why We Started.


Revive started because we truly believe that when it comes to food, no one should have to compromise on taste for health.

Our products are crafted with natural and wholesome ingredients, and our promise to our customers is that our products will always lead with a nutrient-rich first ingredient - such as whole grains, nuts or seeds - and all other ingredients used are beneficial to your health.

And at the moment, we make great tasting granolas, overnight oats and natural nut butters that are made with simple and quality ingredients designed to tempt the taste buds while fulfilling your nutrition needs.

Our Core Values

Solutions where our customers win, our community wins, and our company wins.

Be kind and always leave people better than you found them.

Make decisions that will positively impact future generations.

Create honest food and relationships.

Our Mission:

To Build Healthier Communities By Connecting People To Real And Honest Food.

We Are Leading A Movement To Reimagine Healthy Snacking For A New Era.


Our core values direct our actions and we aim to empower our customers, our team and our partners to be a positive force on the food system. That is why we are transparent with the ingredients we use and where they are from, why we hand make our products from scratch, and why we are building a community of people who believe in the power of consuming real food.

About Revive.

There's so much to know about us at Revive. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthy while still supporting our community.

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